Name: Ahmet Dadali

Alias: Rams Head

DOB: 04.25.88

Birthplace: Canandaigua, NY

Suppliers: Under Armour, Volkl Marker USA, Spy Optics, Full Tilt Boots, LA Familia

Prior Offenses:
06-07 Filmed segment w/ Rage Films for "Enjoy" & w/ Level 1 Productions for "Realtime"

He continued to be non-cooperative w/ the rules for a number of years as he filmed with Level 1.

07-08 Filmed in "Turbo"
08-09 Filed in "Refresh"
09-10 Opened the movie "Eye Trip"
11-12 Closed movie in "Afterdark"
12-13 Made trouble for regulatory skiing in LA Familia's debut movie "So It Begins" and also appearing in Level 1's "Partly Cloudy"
13-14 Went on his own to make more trouble with "Flip The Script"

image of Ahmet

Soccer moms
Freeskiing in the Olympics
The word training
Rules & Rergulations
Organizations Invading

Bottom Line:
He is considered dangerous to the advancement of FIS and USSA in the takeover of freeskiing as a whole. He must be stopped by any means possible.