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Ahmet Dadali’s “Flip The Script Vol. 3

This Year I decided to change up my routine ski year and take a different approach to the film scene.  I came up with the idea of Flip The script as a way to take my skiing into my own hands, be able to film all year, and incorporate some bad ass trips.  This last one I went to South America traveling through Chile and Argentina.  If you’ve ever been down there you know the snow can be very hit or miss, unfortunately this was a big miss, and we definitely ran into a few problems along with it.  One piece of advice when you go down there.  Going into Argentina, don’t mess up the Visa you have to buy,  turned out to be a 900$ mistake for us and a 6 hour ordeal at the border, resulting in the camera man and myself having to hitchhike with an Argentinian maniacal driver for 4 hours, Thought that might be the end of my ski career.  One more piece of advice, If you go to Argentina. Spend a couple days in Buenas aires and be blown away by the cuisine and amazingly cheap prices with the black market exchange rate. I’d like to really thank Under Armour, Volkl Marker USA, Full Tilt Boots, Spy Optics, and obviously La Fa for making these Flip The Scripts Possible, Next year will be bigger and better.
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Posted by La Fa on November 15th, 2014

Going For Gold Movie Release

This year The crew slaved away to produce this new movie for everyone’s enjoyment.  We tried to add a little comedy/message into this one, and you guys can be the judge of how it worked. The crew features, Giray Dadali, Mike Hornbeck, Tanner Hall, Mike King, Jason Lutz, Jaron Stadler , and Ahmet Dadali.  Give it a watch and we hope you all like it, and if you don’t, we don’t really care.

Posted by La Fa on November 15th, 2014